Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct Reporting

All members of the U-M community are encouraged to report sexual and gender-based misconduct to the university, to the police or both. In this section, you can find out about how to report to the university and/or to law enforcement, and about how the university handles the reports it receives. All of the confidential resources listed on this site for students and faculty and staff are available to you whether or not you decide to make a report.

Reporting to the University

At U-M, the Equity, Civil Rights and Title IX Office (ECRT) oversees all reports of sexual or gender-based misconduct. If you have experienced sexual or gender-based misconduct, you may report the incident and request an investigation. ECRT staff members are specially trained to work with individuals who report misconduct and have knowledge about on- and off-campus resources, services and options.

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Reporting to the Police

U-M also encourages you to consider reporting incidents of sexual and gender-based misconduct, which may also be crimes, to the police. DPSS Special Victims Unit ensures that survivors know their options while being treated with compassion and respect when navigating the criminal justice system. Reporting to the police provides an opportunity for a thorough investigation and may lead to holding the offender accountable.

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