Education & Training

Across the university’s campuses and at Michigan Medicine, we are committed to eliminating sexual and gender-based misconduct. Every member of our community shares the responsibility to report sexual misconduct, support those who come forward and participate in education and training programs.

U-M provides sexual assault awareness and prevention education as well as bystander training to all ​incoming students, and offers faculty and staff education and training to foster and maintain a welcoming, supportive, inclusive and diverse working and learning environment.

Currently, faculty and staff in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint and Michigan Medicine are encouraged to complete the online Haven for Faculty and Staff program. The training provides information about how the university responds to, and how we can help prevent, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment and stalking.

The first part of a new comprehensive sexual misconduct training and education program will be released later this fall. Participation will be required for faculty and staff.

Under the university’s Policy and Procedures on Student Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, faculty and staff in certain roles are considered “Responsible Employees” and are required to share information about suspected misconduct to the Office for Institutional Equity. U-M offers an online training module to help better understand these responsibilities.

A special guide, Our Community Matters, has been developed by the university to help you make decisions about what to do when a sexual assault occurs.

The Division of Public Safety & Security provides a Sexual Assault Awareness module.

For more information on intimate partner violence and stalking, visit the U-M’s Abuse Hurts webpage.